I Hate You. You Always Do This.

by Union Pulse

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I don't want to believe you, it would mean I was wrong I don't want to be with you, I was better alone Well I guess I should ask me, now that I'm seeing clear If it's only when lonely, would I rather you're near? Do you wanna be right, or do you wanna be happy? Politicians and kingsmen, all of that royal crew Find humility paid for, not a love that is true Do you wanna be right, or do you wanna be happy?
I'm a frayed backseat soul sleepless nights Getting sit on and spit on and torn Between dusk, dawn, and daylight is gray light Where memories love lost is born I'm watching the lines trailing behind Been driving so long I think I lost my mind It's lonely and long, this road I pursue But I'll be just fine if it leads back to you, princess Sometimes I hide in the dark Because I know that I can't win this game So look to the leaves in your teacup While the winter wind whispers my name I'm watching your eyes look to the skies It may not mean much but I'm yours 'til I die Further from home with each passing day The winter gets colder with each step away, princess
Snow on a bright summer's day, sparks in the rain Men with more money than love homeless again I make excuses, more than you know I make excuses, it's starting to show Tracing the tracks of a train coming my way Giving a gift to a girl too scared to say I make excuses, more than you know I make excuses, it's starting to show Scent of a flower in bloom just before dawn
In the dark sitting all alone Fell asleep talking on the phone Neat and clean, pretty little face Make your love, leather and lace What does it mean to say you think you love her What does it mean to say you really care? How do you know she feels the same way you do How do you know the feeling that you share? In a year, what did you learn Soon enough, tables will turn As our time slips away like a cigarette burning all day, Will you waste all of your time Like an idiot forcing a rhyme
Learned how to swim in the shallows Dived off the dock from the gallows Taste like a dream, so elusive Earn your respect, so abusive Would you put your arms around me? Would you pick me up and ground me - Will you breathe some life between these lips And tell me it's alright? I'm on my last concession Coming up from so much compression And I've just got one more question Will you tell me it's alright?.. If I drown, if I sink, fail to rise (oh, Sarah) If the wind beneath my wings slowly dies (oh, Sarah) Would you tell me it's alright? Drunk on a glance from a shadow Pray, beg a smile to remember Smoke from the stream, autumn embers Drift to the depths...let it burn
Hold your hips, fingertips From your lips poison drips Pastel lies no surprise Hear no more, close your eyes In the middle of the night if the dark could shine like a light I don't think I would miss you On the interstate drive when the sun lets me know I'm alive I don't think I would miss you Trust is like free fall dives Play it straight, save both lives Summer fling, autumn green Way past spring, far from clean
If stand fair and just, then fall to the dust When dead on the ground, then rise with the sound There's no escape, this life is difficult I'm eating dirt and grinning wide Red roses wilt, and violets pass away But lonely turtles crawl inside Stop time find a grip, rewind pause the song No luck losing hand, still time grinding on I can't help you John, if you won't let me in I can't buy your love, my wallet drained bone dry I can't win this war but it seems you're up in arms The desert dirt has shined down upon the sun
I missed the bus cuz my eyes were clouded I lost an eye when I shot off mark I hit my head when I woke up angry I lost a love cuz it got too dark I lost an arm to my own hate I want some peace if it's not too late I'd pack your bags if you were leaving I'd ride with you 'til light was gone I'd miss your voice if we said no goodbyes I'd drive all night to bring you home I know that I can love my brothers I found a way to love myself My lesson now is in forgiveness I have to love somebody else
These dark days I lose my mind Daylight fades to something else I can't deny my homeless heart I'm losing faith in saving self When all is lost, what else is left? Let me tell you what I've found This plastic credit card soul debt You keep on falling underground Trailing smoke behind a train Tells a story we all know Just keep moving straight ahead There ain't no place else to go
Last call and a busty blonde gives in Sucked up in a swig of midnight skin Sad eyes try to force a thinline smile Cheap touch and an even cheaper gin Pants much too tight for her These lights too bright for her Quick ride to a place she knows too well She walks in front of me Unaware that I can see Weak lies that she sells to selfish men And I'm walking home again Eyes shut to pretend tonight might last Full moon silhouettes a twilight past Heart thin and her thoughts begin to spin Slow drag to forget the touch so fast Stand slow to a copper glow 'round ten Late lunch with a few white collar men Two shots and a new sad song begins Tick tock and it's half past once-again


The second album from mid-western indie rockers Union Pulse. This disc (re)presents a transition of songwriting and production for the young group, between their rough debut and a more mature, alt-country sound audible in their later work.


released March 15, 2005

Written by James Tristan Redding. Engineered by Matt Brelje, produced by Rocky Orta, Jr. and Union Pulse. Words and music copyright 2005 by James Tristan Redding. Registered with BMI. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Union Pulse Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Founded by singer-songwriter James Tristan Redding, Union Pulse was an idiosyncratic icon at the intersection of Americana, roots rock, and alt-country. The band embodied James Redding's soul bound lyrics and leg bending rhythm. In their decade of recording and touring they released five original albums (and one live EP) and delivered over 700 performances throughout the lower 48 states. ... more

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