Eine Kleine Rockmusik

by Union Pulse

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Debut studio album from mid-western group Union Pulse.


released November 1, 2003

Written by James Tristan Redding except title track, written by Mozart, arranged by Redding. Words and music copyright 2003 by James Tristan Redding. Registered with BMI. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Union Pulse Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Founded by singer-songwriter James Tristan Redding, Union Pulse was an idiosyncratic icon at the intersection of Americana, roots rock, and alt-country. The band embodied James Redding's soul bound lyrics and leg bending rhythm. In their decade of recording and touring they released five original albums (and one live EP) and delivered over 700 performances throughout the lower 48 states. ... more

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Track Name: Eine Kleine Rockmusik
{ instrumental }
Track Name: Maggie
When I'm screaming she stays
To nurse my inner wounds 'til dawn
And when I sacrifice she prays
Crying like my heart was torn

No idea how this will end
But maybe ignorance is bliss
More an angel than a friend,
I've never known a love like this

She sat me down and made me sing
She blessed my soul with a kiss
I've had enough fair weather friends
I've never known a love like this

Very lonely and I'm tired
Until she moves me with a thrust
Though she has me so inspIred
I need my sleep as much as lust

I haven't held her hand again
But once by midnight's soulful glow
She's been inside of me since then
I can't forget a taste I know

She sat me down and made me sing
She blessed my soul with a kiss
I've had enough fair weather friends
I've never known a love like this
Track Name: In The Rain
A wise young man once told me it was there in my eyes
Said he saw my troubles plain as day
But then resent and anger said the timing was off
I don't wanna' let this wash away

I don't believe it's happening again
No help that after all it's only pain
After years of chasing shadows 'round the bend
Just another lonely birthday in the rain

Every lovely flower I can hold for a day, every time the wind blows all is lost
If all these stones i'm stepping disappear under me
I'll be on the shore at any cost

I don't believe it's happening again
No help that after all "it's only pain"
After years of chasing shadows 'round the bend
Just another lonely birthday in the rain

I'm not meant to be the one with a smile
Instead I can see I'm not still a child
The only, the one, she left me for dead
A lonely, lost son...my heart and my head
Track Name: Instead
We first met in a crowded hall on graduation day,
She signed my paper, smiled at me, and walked away.
Then we met in an empty hall the size of my lonely heart,
Optimism called my bluff and that dream fell apart.

Now I’ve been told,
If you’re in love then go ahead
But ever since, I sing instead

Many times I’ve bet my pride and ventured to the door,
And though I’ve failed I’ll here confide, I wish to seek once more,
I’m lonely and I need a hand to help me through the day
And with her strength, I’d rise and stand – so help me lord, I pray
Track Name: Oil In Water
I don't know what it is about your pretty eyes
It's hard to look away, it hurts to know you cry
I wish that I could live inside your bedroom walls
You make me wanna' run, you make me want to crawl

You've no idea what it's like to watch you move
Like oil in water
A work of art using lies to tell the truth
Like oil in water

The seconds ticking by I wait for you to smile
I couldn't look away, I'd miss you all the while
I wanna' close my eyes and know that you will too
I wish that I could die and live inside of you
Track Name: Circadia
With a whisper, you can't tell if it's a boy or a girl
In the distance, through the trees making sense of the world
In a sea of wood and green he or she might have made
No direction have we found but to live for the day

Human nature is to bend physiology's edge
We're expanding to forget carbon sense in our heads
Twenty-four or twenty-five, push the limit again
And the cycle we survive in circadia's chains
Track Name: I'll Wait
You fixed my heart and never broke it
Those farewell footsteps then you chose
Deep midnight hours left me breathless
I couldn't hold you like a rose

Tell me where i'd have to stand
To hold your gaze for awhile
And could i ever hold your hand
If I saw you as a child

I'll wait for ever on my own
I'll wait for ages all alone
I'll wait for moonshine in your eyes
I'll wait for sunlight 'til you're home

If you need the warmth of someone
There's no sense in spending time alone
It's more "I love you" than "I crave you"
Just tell me when you're coming home

Even now the times are changin'
Nothing stays the same
We won't cling to what is gone
So even when he holds you close
And I'm outside alone
I see your smile and feel so strong

Well, in a world where nothing's sacred
And skies are filled with hate and waste
Flowers bloom for our salvation
And your love is all that I can taste
Track Name: Time For Love
The toys in the attic are old and worn
They don't sing and dance these days
The ghosts in the cradle are cold and torn
And don't remember anyway

You know I'd die for you, I'd even live
I'd give you everything I have to give
But it's so late, he said, no time to lose
I can't do everything, it's time to choose

She left before sunrise, I woke to find
A half-mug of coffee, black and cold
The sheets are all crumpled, the pillows warm
And I'm half dead beneath the fold

I'll tell you this, she said over the phone
When I was next to you, I felt alone
I think we need some time...you know it's true
If I return some day, I'll come for you

The last time he held her was long ago
She belongs to someplace else
But then when she wouldn't just let him go
He was set beside himself

I miss your voice, she said, and I miss your hands
You bring the water to these desert lands
And when she wrote him, she said push came to shove
Just goes to show, I guess, there's time for love
Track Name: I Think I Forgot
Skies have brightened since the early rain
And down in Chicago it's a first down
Atlanta in front of Carolina
They blow their whistles and sound like birds
It's been a long afternoon
He feels like he's open for the first time
I been asleep since I can remember
And while i was out it got so cold

I think I have lost something I knew so well
I think I forgot where I came from

When she left I was not so concerned
With her absence, but rather I feared
In the souls of her shoes,
All the little rubber ridges
And the mud she'd track in when she returned
To be honest, I forgot she was gone
Like so many white rooms erase the bourbon
But tonight after winds so fast I spun
Seeing is believing and she's back home

I think I have lost something I loved so dear
I think I forgot where I came from

One shot, two shots...three, four five
It's cold out here, we gotta' do somethin' to stay alive
One shot, two shots...three, four five
I'm talking in my sleep

I think I have lost something I knew so well
I think I forgot where I came from
Track Name: Last Goodbye
For hours I've been strumming
My voice is rough and my ears hum
If I could talk I would have called you
If I could walk I swear I'd run
In my ears I hear no music
Just the pulse between these two
Two broken hearts in union
This blue collar poet and you

I have so much left to say
Tell me there's another day
We both need to find a way
And with all my strength I'll try
When I lie awake I write
No sun or moon, you're my light,
All the words we spoke tonight
Before we said our last goodbye.

All my fingertips are stinging
My voice is gone and my ears ring
If I could move I'd try to kiss you
But instead I guess I'll sing
I've been beat and i've been broken
I've won bets and I've lost friends
But from all the words you've spoken
I just hope this ain't the end

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