Between Love & Addiction

by Union Pulse

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The fourth studio album by mid-western alt-country group Union Pulse.


released February 9, 2009

Recorded at Studio 516 by Tad Unold and James Tristan Redding. All words and music by James Tristan Redding, all percussion designed and executed by Tad Unold. Words and music copyright 2009 by James Tristan Redding. Registered with BMI. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Union Pulse Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Founded by singer-songwriter James Tristan Redding, Union Pulse was an idiosyncratic icon at the intersection of Americana, roots rock, and alt-country. The band embodied James Redding's soul bound lyrics and leg bending rhythm. In their decade of recording and touring they released five original albums (and one live EP) and delivered over 700 performances throughout the lower 48 states. ... more

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Track Name: Okay, Liza
I wish I was that cigarette pressed between your crimson lips
Make you want to light me up and suck me down
I wish I was those leather boots in between your dancing feet
And the mud in which you move, you love to groove

Okay, Liza, come run with me anytime you're feelin' free
Okay, Liza, I need a hand...please don't try to understand

I wish I was that denim, darlin', stretched across your best respects
Crafted by the finest fingers (overseas)
I wish I was that flask of whiskey in your pocket, quite discreet
Dull your senses, stain your breath my favorite shade

Okay, Liza, I'll ride with you anywhere you want me to
Okay, Liza, I need a I don't start to stop and think
Track Name: I Left My Love
It's been one week and I can't breathe
I see your smile when I close my eyes
The last thing I know each empty night
Is how your hands felt holding mine

I don't need time, I don't need freedom
Forget the past we left behind
Just promise me this isn't over
Give me your hand, and I won't let go

I left my love one Sunday morn'
And headed north before sunrise
Across the plains that lonely dawn
Shed little light upon these eyes

Well now it's raining, the sky is fading
Stare at the ceiling and I can't sleep
Late night temptations toward bus stations
So we both daydream a bit too deep

I guess i'm crazy to cling so tightly
To what you gave me one night with you
But I just miss you, and I need to kiss you
You saved my soul once, you know it's true
Track Name: Better Days
She bought a ticket on a cross-country train
Just for a cowboy to kiss her again
Like any love song, he won't soon forget
He just might take his time paying off the debt

It's funny how we dream of better days
One day you've just got to let that train
Take you away

Once in the rain with a real pretty girl
I was so high that I thought I owned the world
But I'm not a king, and she's not around
So that summer high is coming down

It's funny how we're older every time
I'm leaning on the shoulders that I once was
Lifting high

Krista's fifteen and she don't remember me
Eight years ago I was watchin' over she
Ten months from now she will paint this town red
This fall's the last time she'll be alone in bed

It's funny how the hands that I now hold
Make me feel a little like I might be
Getting old

By now I've seen what I had not before
Love's just like any drug, you need more and more
It starts with a rush, then it slows to a drag
And before too long we all just pack our bags

It's funny how I'm singing this again
Every time I start to, soon enough
I reach the end
Track Name: You Won't Hear From Me Tonight
You got some kinda' shine I've never seen before
If you'd been feeling fine, then you weren't anymore
I had to run away, I couldn't take the shame
But I forgot to say I'll always love your name

If the rain puts out this cigarette, then I'll call you after work
When the floors are mopped, and the garbage thrown away
But if the skies are clear, and I can learn to breathe on my own
Then you won't hear from me tonight

I wrote you every day - that's so much wasted ink
But winter has a way of changing how you think
I fell in love again, a black-haired southern bell
It felt like nicotine, but now it hurts like hell
Track Name: I Was Looking At Her, But I Was Thinking Of You
In the back of the bar on a Friday night
Around one in the morning, I spilled her beer
Now it's only right that I got her another
With a smile, because my money's no good here

Now I can't quite remember if it was guilt or excitement
But I'll probably never see her again
So before I rest, I've gotta' confess
That I was looking at her, but I was thinking of you

You know, she gave her her address, and if it were a couple of years ago
I might have signed a letter before I got home
The funny thing is, I'm no less desperate
I'm just lazy, and getting used to sleeping alone

I'll admit she was pretty (in that imperfect kinda' way)
Like the spark of a lighter that ran outta' fuel
So before I rest, I gotta' confess
that I was looking at her, but I was thinking of you

It's been too long since I've held a pretty hand
And every night my only friends are in my band
I'm not that old, but you're too young to steal my heart
But I guess you can borrow it

There were holes in the highway the whole way home
But the road flattened out as we pulled into town
There's a time and a place for everything, and tonight it's rain on the sidewalk
And the hope that we won't let each other down

Now it's 4am, and I smell like an ashtray
But I'll still complain when you light up tomorrow
So before I rest, I gotta' confess
That I was looking at her, but I was thinking of you
Track Name: I'm Not In Love
Friday night hit like a train
I woke up to the sound of the rain
Rachael's gone, she long over me
Not in love, but neither in pain
Light one up and finish my beer
Cheap champagne and a happy new year
She's the best that I ever had
Broken hearts make the best souvenirs

I'm not in love, as strange as that sounds
It's just me and I'm bringin' myself down
I've been lucky just to make it this far
Christmas eve, and it's time to leave town
Late last night on the highway I prayed
For the strength just to wake up today
There's no girl lonely waiting for me
So I'll take a moment to say that I'm not in love

Seventeen, my guitar in hand
That young man did not understand
April wind and Lucy's lost eyes
Caught my heart at the old baby grand
We've grown up, we've both come so far
But tonight I'm alone at the bar
And by now, you're a long way from home
So happy birthday, wherever you are

If I could rewind, turn back the time
Divine peace of mind just to say
That the years are unkind but we learn from our crimes
And one day you find you're doin' okay
Track Name: Over Before It Began
Some evenings I can't go to sleep, tired as I am
When close my eyes and drift, relax and release
I need antacids and kisses, lullabies and lilacs
Home once shadowed every footstep I took, now home is her hand

It was over before it began

There's a girl down in texas whose eyes pierce and words fumble
It's the cutest combination, until I picture her passion
Deadly, potent, sexy as hell: snapshot of this unlikely angel
Tempting straight through a teardrop, salty and warm

It was over before it began

The days getting shorter, her patience is thin
The nights getting longer, the world closing in
The moonlight is laughing, it's harder to smile
Today's almost over, just a little while
We need something stronger to open our eyes
We need something smarter make us feel wise
I want you to feel like there's hope for you yet
Deserve something better and I wish you'd let
Let me be your drug
Track Name: When Do You Leave For L.A.
When do you leave for L.A.? I wanna' see you before you go
When do you leave for L.A.? I wanna' know
Does it make you sad that I love you like the falling snow?
When do you leave for L.A.? please don't go

Would it be alright if I just stare for awhile?
Do you think he'd mind if I held your hand?
You're the only one who's always been so kind
No contention in those eyes, just a smile
Track Name: Between Love And Addiction
It's a strong southbound wind carryin' me through
From a cold northern city back home to you
I've been waiting for hours to hear your sweet sigh
And the sunset is fading in the interstate sky

Still a long way from happy, and even further from right
But I'll bet my last dollar that it's all for you tonight

I've been dreaming all morning, all day and all night, of this feeling
I can taste all the blood in my veins, and it's starting to race
Like a beautiful brand new disease, and I don't think it's healing
There's a not-so-fine line buried somewhere inside the your sweet grace
Between love and addiction.

It's been nearly ten years, but I sustain
You've got something inside you that kills the pain
From a crease at your lips to a spark in your eye
You're the perfect escape, and a beautiful lie

Still a long road to freedom from a heart on a chain
Like a flare on a highway in the morning rain

I've got a story to tell you about trust
More than jealous or greedy, this is lust
When you tell me you love me I get weak
And it's all I can do just to part my lips and speak

If there's a God up in heaven, you can save own soul
From all your broken convictions...and your sad self-control
Track Name: Last Thing That I See
Well, I'm not much to pray Monday to Saturday
And most Sundays, I just tend to rest
But here's one I need to send up to my only friend might as well be my last request

Oh God, please take me now - I don't suppose it matters how
Just make it quick, I'll count to three!
And God, bless this crazy girl with the prettiest eyes in the whole wide world
Let her be the last thing that I see.

Twice now the morning sun has sparked my heart to gun
Down every back road in my brain
But this time I held her hand so I've got to take a stand
Before my luck goes down the drain

Sometimes I wonder why some people never cry
Seems like my generation's way
We fall in love too fast, can't make these feelings last
Tomorrow will soon be yesterday

I will not shed a tear in my domestic beer
If she don't call me back tonight
'Cuz I know I'm on her mind - and she knows she's on mine
But one last thing before first light

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