Angel on a Wire

by Union Pulse

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Third studio album from mid-western alt-country boys Union Pulse.


released January 11, 2007

Written by James Tristan Redding. Produced by Mike Hoffmann and James Tristan Redding. Words and music copyright 2007 by James Tristan Redding. Registered with BMI. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Union Pulse Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Founded by singer-songwriter James Tristan Redding, Union Pulse was an idiosyncratic icon at the intersection of Americana, roots rock, and alt-country. The band embodied James Redding's soul bound lyrics and leg bending rhythm. In their decade of recording and touring they released five original albums (and one live EP) and delivered over 700 performances throughout the lower 48 states. ... more

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Track Name: Fast Enough
Someday, they tell me, the skies will clear
And our hearts will be free
Under the surface, I swear to god that I try
What of the real world, our rebel heroes
Have said "no such thing"
Either way, I guess we're stuck day to day

I ain't no one's hero babe
I don't have that much to lose
Still my words get bought and sold
Is this fast enough for you?

I can't remember the things I felt long ago, far away
So help me God, and I forgot yesterday
When I was seven, I told myself I'd be gone by fifteen
Since then I've found a few excuses to stay
Track Name: Angel on a Wire
Angel on a wire close to a ghost
Both too sad to be saved
Stranger on the train tracks in the rain
Lost in puddles with waves

I found something new when I walked out on you
There's a light every dawn I've been missing
The days got so dark that I prayed for a spark
There's a girl in my dreams I've been kissing

Find me a home to call as my own
Find me a hand to hold
Find me a heart as cold as i've known
Light me a fire in your soul

Smoke escaping lips, cold winter hands
Grasp one last cigarette
Steam beneath a sky that's gonna' cry
Blue eyes I won't forget

She rips my heart out of my chest
Please burn to the ground all the rest
Two hearts all alone in the ash
One rises to run from the mess
Track Name: By The Way
She says she's gone and won't be coming back
Up on that high wire pride and balance act
I've got my fingers crossed
Strings snap, the burning tent falls to the ground
lets hope she's not afraid of circus clowns
I got my fingers crossed

By the way, I love you
By the way, I care
For what it's worth, I miss you
When I wake and you're not there

By the way, when the sun breaks through the clouds
I think of you, and you always made me proud
And every day I thank my lucky stars
That I can always tell you once again

I used to cry because i'm so far away
But I have woken to a brighter day
Where I think of you
Too close for comfort is a sunburnt face
The ground between us is a safer place
Where I think of you
Track Name: From Up Here
I'm sorry i've always been so dark
I can't remember sunny days with you
I'm sorry for all the times I've lost
And made you feel like you did too

But most of all I'm sorry
That I never knew
Watching over me, how it was for you

What it feels like from up here
I'm sorry the winds can blow so cold
What it feels like from up here
And this young heart grows slowly old

I looked around myself today
I couldn't feel the sun at all
Have you seen yourself this year
I've just been waiting for the fall
Track Name: Sera Says
Sera says she was pretty yesterday
But why, she can't explain
Sera says she woke the morning after
And it was gone again

Sera says it's a little strange
She can't describe the change

Sera says she leaves this afternoon
On the road to Illinois
Sera says she's got no plans to marry
Any other boys

Sera says she thinks of me
I'll always keep that memory

Sera says that for awhile she didn't want to live
And all she did was cry
I can't find the words for what it means to me
That she never said goodbye

Sera says this morning someone died
And everyone's quiet today
Sera says the grace of God will save us
And wash our sins away
Track Name: Midnight Sun (Take It Easy)
I need you to take it easy, remember the way you pray
And maybe to shine a candle instead of a pitch black tease
The night is a bit too easy when you're running away from right
And maybe it's hard to handle, but get up from off your knees

Take it easy - you gotta' take it easy.

The skyline along the freeway was changing along with you
As hours passed so slowly the moment was all we knew
I know you're afraid of daylight, I've seen you on the run
But imagine eternal darkness : then imagine a midnight sun

Take it easy - you gotta' take it easy.

Tuning a rusty six-string under wicked moonlight's eyes
Take a trip down heaven's alleys, let the rainy night baptise
Walking behing a shadow you ain't what you seem
You're never as close to daylight as the deepest darkest dream
Track Name: Diecast Aeroplane
When I was five years old
I stole a diecast airplane from the corner store
I've always had this silly habit
Of holding onto things just a little too tight
I didn't mean to take it, but that's no excuse
So my mom made me walk back inside
I was in tears as I showed it to the man
Behind the counter; I think he understood.

When I was nine years old, I stole
Twenty-five dollars from a Christmas tree in a church
There were paper mittens filled with generous donations
And I rooted past the checks to find the cash
That afternoon I threw it squarely on the steps
Then with false suprise I picked it up
She let me spend it and within a couple nights
I had a dream that i was running from the law

When I was thirteen years I stole a skateboard
From the sidewalk just outside somebody's house
I thought awhile and since their house was pretty nice
I figured they could afford another one
Within a week I had removed the plastic wheels
And my friend painted my intials on the bottom
We stood like sultans in the snow on the skateboard
With no wheels, and then flew down St. Mary's hill

When I was seventeen, I stole a drumset
From my high school in an unmarked big brown box
I rode the elevator from the second to the first floor
With an odd look on my face
A couple days of rock and roll in a basement
And I could hear a voice I thought was gone for good
I packed that unmarked big brown box up right away
And took the elevator back upstairs
Track Name: Where I Came From
Skies have brightened since the early rain
And down in Chicago it's a first down
Atlanta in front of Carolina
They blow their whistles and sound like birds
It's been a long afternoon
He feels like he's open for the first time
I been asleep since I can remember
And while i was out it got so cold

I think I have lost something I knew so well
I think I forgot where I came from

When she left I was not so concerned
With her absence, but rather I feared
In the souls of her shoes,
All the little rubber ridges
And the mud she'd track in when she returned
To be honest, I forgot she was gone
Like so many white rooms erase the bourbon
But tonight after winds so fast I spun
Seeing is believing and she's back home

I think I have lost something I loved so dear
I think I forgot where I came from

One shot, two shots...three, four five
It's cold out here, we gotta' do somethin' to stay alive
One shot, two shots...three, four five
I'm talking in my sleep

I think I have lost something I knew so well
I think I forgot where I came from
Track Name: A Slowly Falling City
{ Instrumental }
Track Name: How Does That Help Me Tonight
I wanna fall for you...if you want me to
You never thought it through - show me your tattoos
I'm so afraid to trust letting go inside
And I'm alone tonight even if you tried

How does that help me tonight?
Hanging by a thread

A letter laced with love still inside my mind
The pages I could write keep me warm instead
A little flame alight flickers in the wind
And I'm alone again, even if you tried

How does that help me tonight?
It's all in my head

How does that help me tonight?
I'm going back to bed

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